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You can now play the UK National Lottery, ie the UK lottery, right here. Playing the UK Lottery with is the simplest way to purchase your ticket. Follow this simple guideline, easily laid out in point form, step by step and all your dreams could be just a click away.

NB – You need to be a registered member in order to play with us. So if you are not registered yet, please go to the home page and register by clicking on the Register menu item on the right hand side of the screen just below the “Tell a Friend” menu item.

If you are already registered, read on, your chance of hitting the big one is just around the corner!!

Please note: You will need to fund your Player Account in order to purchase Lottery tickets.  You can do this by clicking on > 'Load Credit Card' and filling in the necessary details (You can load as many Credit cards as you like, and this is a one-off process!).  You can then fund your Player Account by clicking on 'Fund Account'.  You can find these options on the left hand Player Menu after you have logged in.  If you don't have a Credit Card please Contact Us and we will tell you about our other options for Funding your Player Account.

1. Once you have Funded your Player Account, you will find the Play Boards for both the UK National Lottery and EuroMillions on the Home Page and on the landing page after you have logged in. 

2. To 'Login' simply fill in your user name and password you chose during registration and click on the “Login” button (If you have forgotten your password, simply click on the “Forgot your login Details” choice just below your “Login” button.

3. Welcome to the simplest play page in the world! There are 2 ways to purchase your UK National Lottery ticket. a. Use UkLotteryLIVE’s Quick pick random number generator. b. Pick your own numbers using our simple number board selector.

4. Using the “Quick Pick” option. a. Click on the green “Quick Pick” button.

5. Using the “Pick your own number” option. a. Click on the numbers you want to play, in the order you want to play them on the number selection board.

6. If you have used the “Quick Pick” option, your numbers will appear on the Lotto balls immediately for you to see what numbers have been selected for you. If you are selecting the numbers one at a time in the “Pick your own” option, the numbers will appear as you pick them on the Lotto balls.

7. If you are UNHAPPY with the numbers, simply click on the “Clear Numbers” text below the “Quick Pick” button and you are free to choose again. You can do this as many times as you want until you have a set of numbers with which you are happy.

8. Using the date/time selection items, decide the following: a. When you would like your UK national lottery ticket to be played, E.g. Wednesday or Saturday or even both, b. Which date you would like to play the ticket. (You can play the UK National Lottery in advance, so if you are not able to play next week, simply play this week for next week. We will safely hold your ticket in our lockup facility, until the week you want to play and play it for you). c. If you like your number choice enough to play it for more than one week, you can choose for how many weeks to repeat your play, all the way up to a full year!

9. Now that you are happy with your number selection, know what day you would like to start your play, and have decided for how many weeks you want to play, click “Save Numbers”.

10. The numbers will appear in a neat line at the bottom of the screen, giving you the chance to choose numbers again, using one of the two options available to you. You can repeat this as many times as you like, as the list of plays will keep growing.

11. If you are UNHAPPY with any of your choices at this point, you can click on the “Delete” button, which is on every row. This will delete that row of play.

12. If you are HAPPY with all the plays you have chosen, click on the “Purchase Now” button. Your ticket is now queued for purchase.

13. You will receive an email confirming your ticket selection(The UK National Lottery, Euromillions, Irish Lottery).

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