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Hi and welcome to’s affiliate program. We want to show you how to earn commission by referring lottery players to our sites!! We believe that because it has been proven that people from all walks of life and from all over the world love to play the BIG lotteries, especially the ones that payouts are TAX FREE and in ONE LUMP SUM, that with our help and guidance, we can help you to earn some good money!

Just for the record and are lottery ticket purchasing sites. We facilitate the lottery ticket purchasing and payout of winnings for people who ordinarily couldn’t participate in these huge lotteries, because they are not residents of those countries!

Are you a website owner/manager?
If you are then you can earn commission on all successful ticket purchases that you direct from your site! With people from all over the world dying to play these huge lotteries, joining our affiliate program will give you massive opportunities to earn extra money!!

To make things easier for you we have included all our lottery services under one affiliate program, so that you can advertise all the lotteries we cover, and earn a commission from each one!!

How to join our affiliate program
Well, first of all the good news is that it’s free! All you have to do is register as a player, on any of our sites. Then, to become an affiliate, just login to your account and look for the Affiliate section in the member navigation. Click on the "Home page" link and fill in the short form then request your affiliate code.

After you receive your confirmation of affiliation, you can login at any time and view your account details from the affiliate member’s area! You will also receive a referral link containing your affiliate ID code.

Marketing tools
We want you to know that we are completely committed to helping our affiliate partners, and will provide whatever support and marketing tools necessary to make our affiliation successful!
From the affiliate members area, you will be given access to all our marketing tools, where you can download a large choice of funky/exciting banners, printed media advertising graphics and the text links you may require to market our Web sites.

Just some of the marketing tools we have available to you:
• Printed media campaigns
• Current press releases
• Pay per click
• Search engine optimization
• Direct e-mails

Or just click on our marketing tools button above for more details.

How it all works
Your unique affiliate ID code links our advertising banner on your Website, to all of the lotteries we have available. This ensures that every time a player successfully purchases a ticket, for any of our lotteries, via your Website, you will get credited with the ticket sale.

As long as you are an affiliate member who is actively advertising, you will earn commission on all future ticket sales, made by customers (referred from your site), who register as members of

Our commission structure is as follows:

Total tickets purchased from all our lotteries 
Tickets Purchased Commission
10 – 50 tickets 15%
51 – 151 Tickets 17%
151 – 250 Tickets 19%
251 – 500 Tickets 21%
501 – 650 Tickets 23%
651 Tickets and above 25%

Commissions are earned on a monthly basis according to the total number of tickets sold from all our lotteries. It is calculated on the actual revenue from the tickets bought by the players referred to each lottery. Please go to our affiliate Terms & conditions.

How many Websites can I be an affiliate through?
Once you have received your affiliate ID code, you can place that code on any Website/e-mail/newsletter you wish to refer players from. If you want to have a separate tracking code for each entity, then all you have to do is go to our register page and sign up for a separate affiliate ID code!

Checking sales on a day to day basis
Once you have received conformation of your affiliate membership with us, our system will recognize you as an affiliate member every time you login, and you will automatically be able to access your personal statistics and commission reports from the affiliate member’s area. Only our affiliate manager and you will be able to view these reports.

How your commissions are paid
At this stage will pay all the affiliate program commissions on a monthly basis via Electronic Funds Transfer (Internet banking transfer). Payments will be made on or before the 15th of each month, provided the commission for the month exceeds £60 or the equivalent in your preferred currency. If the commission for the month does not exceed this amount, then it will be carried over to the next month or until the total commission payable exceeds this amount.

It is very important, to ensure proper tracking, that the member makes certain that all the links on their site contain the correct affiliate ID code, as we are not responsible for lost commissions due to incorrect affiliate ID codes, or alterations that you have made to the links.

Competitions and promotions
Competitions are always an excellent way to increase your player base. We have developed some competitions that work very well on affiliate Websites.

Once you have got a growing player base, and we can see that the affiliate member is performing exceptionally well, will put together an online promotion campaign that will inform all your players that, for a limited time, they will receive discounts for tickets purchased during the promotion.

The affiliate members responsibilities are:
• Setting up the links on your Website/e-mails/news letters, using your unique affiliate ID code
• Updating and maintaining them frequently
• Directing your audience to our site, where they will purchase lottery tickets
• Making good use of all our marketing tools available to you’s responsibilities are:
• To facilitate all ticket purchases placed by players referred to us from your site
• To be solely responsible for all aspects of ticket processing including ticket entry, payment processing, cancellations and related customer service
• Tracking the volume of players generated by you
• The monthly calculating and payment of commissions due to you on or before the 15th of each month
• Making sure that your private affiliate members account, which includes, up to date monthly statistics and sales activity reports, is always available and up to date

Please contact us if you have any questions and we will respond as soon as possible!

Affiliate Terms & Conditions
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