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Fraudulent (UK lottery Scam) Emails (UK Lottery and more...) – what to do first

Lottery scam (fraudulent UK lottery scams) emails, including the UK National Lottery (UK Lottery), Euromillions, Irish Lottery, USA Powerball) are increasing at an alarming rate.
Scam emails try to persuade the email receiver to submit personal information or to part with money as an up front payment in order to release a winning lottery prize.
As a general rule, if you have not purchased a ticket for the UK National Lottery (UK lottery), you won’t have won a prize, and you should treat the email with absolute caution.  After you have read through this page, there is an awesome new site that has started, which is totally dedicated to stopping all forms scamming!  Visit them at

The following points are some things to look for in order to identify a fraudulent email:

If the email says ‘Winning Notification’ or ‘Lottery Sweep Stake’ in the text, the email you’ve received is not from the UK National Lottery (UK lottery);
We don’t tell players how much they've won in an email; and
We don’t ask for any Player information like name, address or bank details on an email.
There is no need to contact us if you have received a lottery related scam (fraudulent) email.

Common Lottery Scams — Further assistance:

The UK National Lottery (UK lottery) website is safe and secure. Nevertheless, you need to be on your guard against Internet fraudsters. Below are details of some of the more common fraudulent activities:
Email scams that claim you have won a Lottery prize. These scams work in two ways:
Method 1: Persuade the victim to part with personal information to allow the scammers to carry out Identity Theft.
Method 2: Persuade the victim to part with money as an up front payment in order to release a winning Lottery prize which does not exist.
Signs of a fraudulent email:
There may be a sense of urgency, eg ‘respond within X days or your Account will be closed’
There may be embedded links (links within the body of the email) that look legitimate because they contain all or part of a real company’s name. These links may take you to spoof sites which ask you to update personal information, or may download key—logging software onto your PC
Spoof websites (known as ‘phishing’)Fraudsters create false or ‘spoof’ websites that look very real, with the aim of persuading users to enter personal information such as passwords and memorable information. They will then re—use this information to access your Account. Customers get emails claiming to be from official websites asking them to click on a link within the email to the ‘spoof’ site.
Don’t click on links in unsolicited emails
Never send any up—front fees required in order to ‘claim your prize’
Never disclose personal information or financial information via email or a ‘claims’ or ‘verification’ form
If you wish to visit a particular website, always key in the address directly rather than using an embedded link

If you have received a lottery, including the UK National Lottery (UK Lottery) and Euromillions or any other lottery scam email CLICK HERE and read all about this and other scams and you can even email a copy of it. We will publish it on this website to help warn others about UK Lottery and other scams.
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